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Singape Jurong Regional Line J102 Project

Investment Details Project Information
Project Name Singape Jurong Regional Line J102 Project
Project Scale: ฿130000Ten thousand
Daily dividend: Daily 1.12% income (capital protection and interest)
Investment Amount: The minimum investment is $5000.00 (Limited to purchase 1000 copies)
Project Period: 7Natural days
Income Calculation: Daily dividend฿56 *7Day = Total revenue ฿392
Repayment: Daily interest rebate, principal repayment at maturity Holidays as usual;
Settlement time Invest before 15:00 on the same day, the system will automatically calculate the interest and settle the income at 15:00 on the same day (for example, if you successfully invest at 15:00, you will receive dividends at 15:00 on the next natural day), and the system will return the dividends of the day and the product principal together In your member account;
Available amount: As long as the product is not full during the investment period, investors can invest freely;
Security Hong Kong Pacific Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd. provides 100% principal and interest guarantee for every investment on the platform, the platform sets up a risk reserve fund, and promises to advance the principal in full;
Project Overview: This project raises funds of 130000 million yuan to invest in this project ( According to daily dividends $56/day )The project cycle is 7 natural days. The funds raised are used for the direct investment operation of the project. As an investor, the dividends are fixed and there is no risk. All risks of the operation are the same by the company and the guarantee company Assumed, investors do not need to bear any risks.
Referral reward: At the bottom of the member center (invite friends) and forward it to your circle of friends, as long as your friends register by inviting the QR code to be the first level, recharge and successfully invest, you can get a reward of 0.00% of the investment amount,, If the member recommended by this member is second-level, you will have 0.00%. If the registration is successful, the system will automatically bind!

Tunnel Shares Urban Construction International will implement the design construction of the elevated platfms of Caicuogang Station, Caicuogang West Station, Tengjia Station, rebuild the existing Caicuogang Station on the Nth-South Line. In addition, Tunnel Shares Urban Construction International will also construct a contract The 4.4-kilometer-long elevated section, the diversion project of Bilan Road ditches, the reconstruction of heavy-duty parking lots other large-scale projects are expected to be completed by the end of March 2026.

The Metro Jurong Regional Line will completely change the development of the Jurong area in Singape, turning Jurong into a green waterfront commercial center, with good public transptation connections, facilities to promote active commuting.

Singape’s Jurong Region Line (JRL) is the country’s seventh subway line planned built by the Singape government. It is an elevated subway line with medium transptation capacity, which connects the most imptant commercial, educational, industrial, scientific research centers in Singape, including Nanyang Technological University, Jurong Industrial Zone, Choa Chu Kang, Terengganu New Town. It is 24 kilometers long.

Jurong Innovation District is a planned advanced manufacturing center in Singape. Nanyang Technological University, Jurong Industrial Park, Clean Technology Park other maj manufacturing centers, education centers, scientific research centers in Singape are all located here.